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Stop smoking in Ireland with hypnosis at the Leinster Hypnotherapy Clinic
Stop smoking in Ireland using hypnosis hypnotherapyAs a professional hypnotherapist with clinics in Dublin and Drogheda, people seeking help to quit smoking is a very common request. Using hypnosis and hypnotherapy is an incredibly successful and easy way for you to stop smoking completely and permanently. Don't just take my word for it......in the largest study under taken ( New Scientist 1992, 72,000 people ) of all the various methods for giving up smoking such as hypnosis, gum, patches, willpower, doctor's advice, the study concluded that hypnosis was the most effectve smoking cessation technique.

Many hypnotherapists are judged by their success rate in smoking cessation and I pride myself on being able to help smokers do something EASILY that they previously thought impossible.

This unique stop smoking method has shown an amazing 95% SUCCESS RATE.

UNDERSTANDING exactly how smoking works and the psychological motivations behind why you smoke is the KEY to being able to stop permanently and completely. The other important and incredible tool for stopping smoking is HYPNOSIS.

In an intensive hypnotherapy session using hypnotic suggestion, hypnosis, psychology and hypnotherapy techniques smokers will find it easy to stop smoking with me at the Leinster Hypnotherapy Clinic in just one single session. It will empower you and motivate you to stop smoking for good.

Most smokers believe that it will be very difficult for them to stop smoking and cause them great distress. I can understand that, as this belief is usually based on their previous experiences - many smokers have tried to quit and failed miserably. However, with this UNIQUE hypnotic smoking cessation method you will STOP SMOKING and FEEL FANTASTIC, you will quit EASILY and simply.

Stop smoking in Dublin,Ireland,  Drogheda and Dundalk with hypnotherapy

Becoming a non-smoker can be easy with hypnosis!
You will feel a great sense of PRIDE and ACHIEVEMENT at having stopped smoking. All of the situations that previously encouraged you to smoke will now make you feel more CALMER more CONFIDENT and more RELAXED.
If you truly wish to become a non smoker it can be this easy. Make the call today, stub out your last cigarette and take control of you life!

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My smoking cessation sessions are carried out at my hypnotherapy practice based in Dublin and also Drogheda which is within easy reach of Dundalk, Navan, Ashbourne, Bettystown, Julianstown and Balbriggan.

Tel. 087 9537934

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The purpose of this site is to provide detailed information on the therapy and assistance now available at the Leinster Hypnotherapy Clinic based in Dublin and Drogheda and run by Barry Kieran MIAPH. Pure Hypnoanalysis as practiced by Barry assists people to permanently resolve their psychological problems such as social phobia and anxiety, which encompasses symptoms such as panic attacks,fears,blushing,stuttering, stammering, poor self image, IBS and fear of public speaking. Phobias such as fear of flying, Emetophobia( the fear of being sick). Also sexual problems to include symptoms such as impotence,premature ejaculation and vaginimus as well as treating many other types of phobias and anxiety related conditions. Barry also specialises in treatment to Stop Smoking, considered by many to be an expert in the field.

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